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Learn About Our Journey

We operate with a balance of time-tested techniques and modern efficiencies.
We believe sustainability and quality is important in everything we create. There is still so much to learn - come along for the ride!

- L & R

Our story

Pine Barrens Post started in 2018 as a landsharing effort to make the Pine Barrens more accessible. We continue to enjoy hosting friends that are just as passionate about the Pines.
Pine Barrens Post has grown into a thriving mini-homestead where we have expanded into beekeeping, chicken/duck tending, gardening, food preservation, foraging, herbalism, and maple syrup production.

Passion for the Pines

Our Products

We nurture plants and beings on our property to create natural and intentional products that you can feel good about using.
Many of the ingredients we use are native to this area and growing on our property, so that every single item is ethically wildcrafted and curated with a piece of the Pines.

Our Ethos

We hate waste. We would be thrilled if, when you’re done enjoying a product of ours, you return its vessel. It could be a tin, jar, bottle. Heck, we’ll even take jars from your recycling stream. Oh, and save your beeswax. The little bits and drips that are leftover from burning your candles. We’ll take that back too.